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re: Anything would be better than the CentOS 7 image my company forces all developers to use. Everything is so out of date, and I've hit walls where I ...

If you're developing for EL7, then developing on a distro that's more up-to-date is just going to lead to gnashing-of-teeth. If you're developing to deploy into another context, use something that better aligns to that context.


Instead of making the tail wag the dog, the better solution is to push their company into modernizing their stack. God knows how many vulnerabilities have been around since EL7 and instead of invoking large costs in patching those specifically for EL7, simply upgrading to something like Ubuntu LTS will be a better solution. Whatever the cost of that transition may be, it'll be far less compared to maintaining a woebegone OS like EL7.

That's great if you work in an industry that doesn't have legal mandates to comply with. But, if you are working in such an industry, your options are kind of limited. Even Ubuntu LTS's security-certifications tend to lag the LTS's initial release by a couple years.

Uhm... what?

woebegone OS like EL7

No. RHEL8 has been released just 6 weeks ago.

  • RHEL7 will be fully supported for another 5 years and gets security fixes as fast as RHEL8.
  • RHEL6 is still supported
  • even RHEL5 (that's what I'd call woebegone) is still supported if you buy extended support
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