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That when someone asks you to do network benchmarking and you come back with a bunch of iperf-based results, they'll likely ask "wtf is iperf and what does it actually tell me" followed by telling you "I need you to find another way to get me those metrics". Which led to finding that I could use lftp's pget functionality to simulate the same kind of multi-streaming activities that iperf gets you ...but only allows it in one direction. Also, if you're fairly thorough, you can uncover asymmetrical routes in a network (because, "huh: when I transfer this 1GiB test file from Colorado to Ohio, I can do it at 200MiB/s but when I transfer it from Ohio back to Colorado, I can only do it at about 7MiB/s").

I discovered yet more reasons to hate RHEL 6 (e.g., that its iperf3 version is old and broken – such that it won't honor a multi-stream request in client-mode) and wish it a speedier demise than what is already scheduled ...knowing full well that some of my customers' projects will be deploying new, RHEL 6 based solutions right up to (and likely past) the date that Red Hat officially terminates its planned EOL support.

That one of my customer's many Active Directory domains forces case-sensitivity when querying for Computer objects ...and that there seems to be damn near to nothing you can do within the client-side search-utility to force a case-insensitive search. Best you can do is either a compound search ...or use post-query processing to case-insensitively find the object you were querying for.

It's been a fun, learning-filled week. :p


Well, apparently you learned a lot this week! :)) Thanks a lot for sharing

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