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re: How many email addresses do you use? VIEW POST

  • Work-issued email address: Purpose/reason for existence is likely self-explanatory.
  • Work-oriented , "self-issued" email address (gmail): for when I need to open a conversation with a vendor but don't want my work email address to get spammed but w/don't have time to gen-up a throw-away address. This is used for things like conventions or where a given site won't allow me to add +VENDOR to my work email address.
  • Personal email address (self-hosted on a VPS) ...with a few hundred alias addresses piled on: All the aliases allow for easy auto-sorting of incoming email as well as easily shutting off a problematic sender (or ID'ing that said sender has bad security/confidentiality practices seen when a given per-sender alias starts being used by third-parties for spamming or scamming purposes)
  • Personal-oriented email address (gmail): primarily for when a site's email system wants to think that my self-hosted personal email address isn't usable for some reason or another (or, my self-hosted personal email system thinks that a given site's too spammy and blackholes everything from them)
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