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Been using Google calendar since 2005ish. When I was traveling for a living, the only way I could ensure that I wouldn't over-schedule was to set up a shared-calendar with my wife. When I did so, I told her "if it's important to you but it ain't on that calendar, it's not my fault if I double-schedule something (and miss your event)". Only took missing a few key events (and expressing no remorse for doing so) for her to get the whole "gotta be in the calendar thing".

These days?

  • personal/private Calandar
  • personal/shared Calendar
  • work/private Calendar
  • work/PTO Calendar
  • work/team Calendar(s)

Fortunately, the mail apps I use all make it easy to have subscriptions to multiple calendars. And, since I'm not colorblind, it's easy to keep them all separate.

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