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For the past few years, I've split my work-time between my couch and my customer site (has probably averaged about 65/35 over that time-span). My primary customer-site is a 9mi, 15 minute drive (when I work 0600-1400 to avoid traffic). When I have to go to a different site for meetings, it's anywhere from 15-30 miles, each way ...and depending on time of day, that distance can be covered at a rate of a little less than two minutes per mile to over five minutes per mile (love the DC area :p).

When I initially took the job, part of the reason for doing so was the proximity of the customer-site. I figured, "awesome: I can bike there and back" ...but then I discovered that there's really no direct, bikable path from where I live and the bikable paths that are anything resembling "direct" go through not especially "nice" neighborhoods.

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