re: Is it good or bad to be all over the place with dev technologies? VIEW POST


To be honest, you're best served by picking a given tech-category and learning it well. And by "well", I mean, get rock-solid on the fundamentals. Once you're solid on fundamentals, moving on the the flavor-of-the-week is a lot easier to do.

As popular as they are, IDEs and frameworks can subvert your ability to well and truly learn the fundamentals. They're optimized to get you going quickly (or at least more quickly than working "closer to the metal" does), not so much for getting you versed in fundamentals. This is broadly-true of any given abstraction-layer. Further, the more reliant you are on a given abstraction-layer (absent versing in the fundamentals), the more pain it can be to move on to a different abstraction-layer.

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