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Technically, programming has always been an adjunct-function for me. I'm soooooper lazy and offended by having to repeat the same task twice. So, if I see that I've done something more than once or it's obvious that I'll have to do it at least three times, I'll automate it.

Especially earlier in my computing life, I liked to play pranks. Knowing how to program was a great way to make friends' lives difficult. It was also a great way to circumvent restrictions put on resource-usage (earlier on, disk and other quotas were kind of a way of life - if you didn't want to be so-constrained, it helped to know how to "route around" the constraints ...which usually required programming skills).

The only "pure" programming I did was when I was going through my games & graphics phase.

  • Some graphics tools only worked well if you knew how to write macros (which is a type of programming);
  • Some of the early games I played (e.g., MUDs), worked much better if you had people contributing to the extension of the realms ...which required programming
  • "Programming" used to be how you could most-effectively cheat at optimize your game-play.
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