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Pretty much all of the non-fork projects in my home profile is "unpolished code". Anything that starts as a "just for me" tool but a co-worker or customer decides, "oh, neat: can you polish that up and actually support that code for us" (i.e., will cut me a check for) but I have no long-term ownership-interest in or that I'd otherwise really prefer to open up the continuing development of, gets its ownership changed to whatever organization is giving me money to do so (conditional on that the project stays public so that I can continue to develop on it after I leave if I so desire, even if that works out to being split-forking back to myself). That said, stuff that I'd prefer to retain full/ultimate control of in stays in my account.

That said, I generally consider most of my code to be "rubbish" (first-draft quality) ...right until I look at others' code to remind myself, "maybe not complete rubbish".

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