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re: What's the point of making so much aliases?


  • Makes setting up auto-sorting or -forwarding filters dead-easy
  • If a given site decides to ignore previously-set email preferences and spamming you, rather than relying on an "unsubscribe", you just nuke the alias and they start getting 550s for their trouble
  • Combined with a password-manager, every site you visit has both a unique password and address. Marginally more security than only having one or the other unique

...and it's not just data breaches you need to worry about, it's sites selling your address. When you get an email from the "wrong source" for a given destination, you can send site you actually gave the address to an email asking "did you sell my address or get hacked and not bother to tell me." Either way: a good way to know who you should continue doing business with.

Yeah, all those things made me consider doing the same (if I'm not too lazy to do so, ahah), that's actually pretty awesome, I can't believe I never thought of it.

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