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I started to write on english, this is why

When I thought about this topic, I said to myself “Writing in English is hard, because it’s not my native language”

It’s hard but is also an opportunity. I needed to start practicing my English. And guess what was the way?

I said, “Ok I will start to write in English because almost every content I consume online is in English and I have read and watched a lot”

But of course writing is challenging.

So in this article, I teach you what it’s working for me.

Writing is hard: Thinking in a different language

Of course, I could use the easy way who was to just use translate apps.

But this was enough?

I have been using google translate with my Spanish-based articles. And it worked weird.

It doesn´t have that consistency or as I want to call “soul”.

It seemed like just different words and doesn’t seem to be written by a human.

So another thing that happens to me, was to begin writing in English.

And maybe I will sound better, you can judge by yourself.

Of course, my grammar is not the best, but anyways here I am. And I will continue to improve.

More writing equals better writing: Why consistency over time matters

Just focusing on writing. It´s that simple?

Maybe not, but some of the benefits I could say are

  • Start thinking in English
  • Start creating content (in English ofc)
  • Having more articles makes you more confident. Like “I have written so many articles, I know I am good”

As you see, there are many benefits and progress over time.

In general, it´s cool to learn a new language in this way.

Receiving and giving are both beautiful things to do.

And consuming media in a different language makes it faster to learn it.

Also, It seems that you are giving your knowledge, expertise and somehow improving the way for us.

It´s that simple.

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