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Have you tried learning WebGL/OpenGL technologies? How did it go?

fergarram profile image Fernando Garcia ・1 min read

Hey everyone, so I've been recently learning and using WebGL and avoiding using libraries for my little game side projects.

I had always found learning OpenGL (few years ago and using C/C++) really hard and it was until now that I am beginning to see progress using JavaScript (A language that I am way more familiar with).

I'm wondering about your personal experience when trying to tackle this type of technology (low-level graphics libraries).


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I just started studying a bit of Graphic Computer. I want to press forward with OpenGL, but I am having big troubles to set up it. I already checked up on Google, but it's not working. Would you like to help me with that? Maybe by sharing a nice tutorial? Thanks in advance.


It depends, if you are trying to learn WebGL then I highly suggest webglfundamentals.org. But, if you are trying to learn OpenGL with high-level languages like C/C++ then I'm afraid I might not be able to give you any advice since I'm not very familiar with that technology.


I'm trying OpenGL with c++. But thanks anyway.💪


About a year ago I made a custom shader for threejs and that was my first encounter with GLSL. I wasn't necessarily interested in graphics back then but more in making stuff in threejs look cooler.

I took a look at the book of shaders and figured that it would take a long time before I could build something really awesome by making shaders from scratch so I decided to use additional threejs example libraries instead.

I think the main thing that drove me away from writing shaders directly was the math related to it. I'm now at the start of process to learn more about computer graphics including the math. I'll have to keep in mind that building cool stuff will take time but that it's going to be worth it 🥳


Thanks for you input! Math has also been a barrier for me when trying to do graphics from scratch, but as you said it will take time lo learn and it is totally worth it