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Discussion on: Why a React developer used Svelte for an Arcade

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Frank Dana

Indeed. Probably the most egregious is this:

"One of the reasons he used Svelte was because of its high-performance ability, as referenced above. He wanted a lightweight option which could run games in the browser with ease."

...No it isn't. They said so earlier in the article, he used Svelte because THEY ASKED HIM TO. You can't assign someone a development framework and then pretend they chose it for technical reasons.

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Rich Kurtzman Author

Well, good point. But he was asked to use it because it is lightweight. He/we wanted a lightweight option, which is why Svelte was used.

Sorry if that wasn't clear. Should be noted the article was changed a bit before publishing to sound less like an "ad" and it could've been clearer on my end.