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Discussion on: What's your 1st programming language & What you use today?

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Similarly, C64/C16/C+4 BASIC + assembly, then Turbo Pascal on PC, i386 assembly, C, C++, then Java, JS, PHP, C#.
Nowadays working mainly in PHP, learning Rust and Dart for fun and for widening my sight.

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Michel Renaud

I also did some assembly on 8088 and SPARC, but just for fun (8088) and university (SPARC). That never amounted to anything but a frozen PC (8088 assembly) - lol. I forgot that I do have a web site that uses PHP. I rarely need to change the code these days. My stalled personal project is to rewrite it completely using ASP.NET Core.

I also did some COBOL and Modula-2, but never outside of school. I did some C++ and C++/CLI at work.

Definitely forgot a lot earlier. I guess my coffee is starting to kick in.