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Discussion on: How to provide estimates as a Junior Developer?

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I do estimation in about 30% of my working time (it's just an estimation, too :) ), from trivial 0.5hour tasks to several hundred hours projects (client expects everything to be estimated for capacity and scheduling purposes). Sometimes I can use more precise approaches, N blocks x M hours + some slack, testing, communication, etc, sometimes I have to bluff something because noone has any idea how long the task will take, simply there are too many unknown factors (technical or something else). Sometimes I have to send my estimates to be reviewed by other senior teammates. Usually the outcome is OK, we are in an acceptable limit, but sometimes things don't go well. It happens and we have to handle it somehow.

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100% can relate to it. Just like everything else in life, we learn based on our experiences and I've seen senior developers also struggle in areas that they hadn't worked before for providing estimates. Like you said, sometimes it's an educated guess. Sometimes, it's about breaking things down and adding values against it. Thanks for reading ☺️