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Luiz Fernando Brazão
Luiz Fernando Brazão

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Beta testers wanted!

[Limited positions] Hey guys, just wanted to share with the crowd that Skuudo has launched a beta testing program for its community solution for ethical hacking.

Skuudo is a cross-platform application (html5) that leverages agile methodology and automation to assist in various aspects of the security testing process:

. Save your time and effort with the Agile Project Management that includes a rich visual Dashboard, Calendar and Kanban Boards for managing your daily tasks.

. Forget forever about the nuisance of manually writing reports with Automated Reports and Smart Report Templates.

. Never search Google again for cheatsheet-s or howto-s - discover and capture new knowledge with Patterns and Library.

. Create and experiment with your unique hacking scenarios with Automation Playbooks. Include Automation Playbooks in your Patterns or Kanban Boards to automate every aspect of your projects.

. Challenge yourself, learn and build your hacking skills with Skuudo’s Challenges.

So if you like to contribute with the project , you can join to the Beta Tester Team on Skuudo's website.

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