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How do you make banners for your posts?

fennecdjay profile image Jérémie Astor ・1 min read

For this one and my next post I'm using this, thanks to a fellow DEV member, but last time I tried to do one myself, I got bad reviews (which were all pretty sensible).

I'd like to be able to have Gwion's logo and add text to it programmatically. Any idea how do that?

More important, what do you use?

EDIT: Changed the (missing) banner for one I made using canva.com, according to the suggestions.
The site is very usable, but doesn't seem to have an API, so I might change at one point.


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I understand. I've been thinking of using GIMP since I'm on linux. What dimensions do you use?


When you upload an image that is too big you get the error message "Image size should be less than or equal to 4096x4096". So thats the ideal size although I typically use images that are 2000x1000.

Thanks you. I was missing this info.


Canva.com simple sweet. You can search pixabay, images under creative common on Google search. Banner should be simple. Avoid sentences as your banner size depends upon user device size.


Seems nice. I might try it until I find a way to do it from terminal. Thank you very much for the quick answer!


I like this banner! I use random public domain images or...whatever floats my fancy. It's a fun process for me.


Thanks. It's been quite easy on canva.com.
I have to admit I do not enjoy this kind of process to much, so I'm still aiming to do this in the terminal. ImageMagick can do this I just found!


This video here shows a quite straight forward way of doing it:


Though you still need Photoshop.


Didn't know this site. Thank you.