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Day-11: Read Info-sec Write-Ups!

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Day-11: Did Unix badge exercise on Pentesterlab and was not in the mood to do research so did read some amazing info-sec write-ups! Understanding and reading other's methodology always helps you make your thoughts broad!

1. Access to Server and Database of a French Bank 💸 ~ Thibeault Chenu!

  • Understanding the structure of Target is Important!
  • This was pretty good but I guess I need more knowledge to understand this completely if you can help, lemme know in the comment section! Thanks!❤️

2. Getting First Bounty with IDOR ~ Mukul Trivedi

  • Idor's are great when you get the logic errors!
  • He also linked amazing blogs about IDOR in his blog, do not forget to check that out also!

3. How Inspect Element Got me a Bounty ~ Aditya Soni

  • Make Inspect Element your best friend!
  • Idk I never tried to change value which is disabled by default! Nice catch though!

PS: It is pretty easy to understand, If you do not understand lemme know in the comment section, I'll help you!


Medium Blogs:

  1. https://medium.com/bugbountywriteup/how-did-i-get-access-to-server-and-database-of-a-french-bank-6bab0ed30463
  2. https://medium.com/bugbountywriteup/all-about-getting-first-bounty-with-idor-849db2828c8
  3. https://medium.com/bugbountywriteup/how-inspect-element-got-me-a-bounty-58d3a9946225


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