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My Top 4 Open Source CRM. What are Yours?

The CRM space would forever be relevant.

And why is that? Because the customer is always right!!!!

Here are my top 4 Open Source CRM:

4. Suite CRM

Yes. I know you want that CRM that gives you a 360 degree view of the customer and major integration capabilities. And many other features. I think SuiteCRM does just that and it is quite lightweight, perfect for SMEs. It is a fork of SugarCRM.


3. Odoo

Now, Odoo is one of the oldest players with several CRM features. For me, the learning curve is quite longer but it is great for large enterprises. Solid features for product and services management. sales, order fulfilment, support and retention.


2. VTiger

It has the largest community, I guess. With a lot of developer effort in building several plugins. Also, a fork of SugarCRM, the self-hosted open source version caters for a large number of features for SMEs and medium-sized companies. It could become buggy if not properly understood. Download here. The VTiger-one pilot is a free-forever cloud version which is more stable and perfect for SMEs. Explore


1. Yetiforce

I love Yetiforce. It is fully featured and every new release comes with wonders. Native integrations with popular projects such as Magento, CalDav, Outlook, PBX, LDAP, RoundCube. The Yetiforce team’s consistency is top-notch and the administrative capabilities are awesome. Almost everything is configurable! Hopefully, it has more opportunities to adopt a more cloud-native approach and be disruptive. It’s a fork of VTiger. And yes! Thanks to SugarCRM again. Well, finding documentation and support would be your first major hurdle while using Yetiforce though.


Those are my favorite!!! What are yours?

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Folarin Martins

Yetiforce is a good candidate here. Stability is great. You can achieve a lot without touching code. Glad I found this tool when I did