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Go pro! With these free Golang resources

With these resources, you’d learn GO fast and with the right approach.

1). Learn Go With Tests

To learn GO is one thing, while to learn GO alongside test-driven development is another. This book introduces you to GO’s syntax and semantics, teaching the crux of TDD as you progress. The best resource for beginners!

2). Effective GO

Now that you have completed the first resource, you need to know how to write GO like a professional syntactically and semantically. The official documentation on how to write GO effectively is most helpful.

3). GO Patterns

Learning a new language such as English or Spanish by knowing how to read, write, speak and listen may be incomplete without knowing some idioms. Same with programming languages. To improve your GO idioms, this right here is the best resource.

4). Mario Carron's Tutorials

Now that you are fluent with GO. You may want to see its application. GO is quite popular in distributed systems. So you may want to see its concurrency patterns, how to build microservices with it, and how to use GO as a DevOps tool. Mario Carron’s tutorials do justice to that. Mario also teaches you to shed some weight off your GO code and improve memory conservation. What I love most about this resource is that it focuses on the non-functional requirements detailing how GO is used to achieve concepts such as documentation, throttling, security, availability, circuit-breaking, etc.

Well, here you GO! GO is that language to learn with great simplicity. You could build quite a lot without heavy reliance on frameworks. GO allows you to code the right way.

Learn Go today. Don’t be sorry🙂.

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