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Don't buy Clubhouse Invite codes from FAKE websites

felix_josemon profile image Felix Josemon ・2 min read

This is a followup to my last post:

After I wrote it, I got many folks share their stories on how they were scammed by some shady websites promising them with Clubhouse Invites. As I run a Pay it forward trusted train for Clubhouse Invite (medium post) , I thought it's my responsibility to call these CLUBHOUSE INVITE scams out!

A lot, I mean a lot of innocent folks are getting scammed by total internet strangers with promise of a clubhouse app invite. They just literally block you once you made the payment or make you download some shady code generator apps. App has spiked growth with Elon Musk and Kanye West (in next few days) going online on Clubhouse.

So a few tips on how to not get yourself scammed when searching for Clubhouse Invite codes.

Clubhouse Invite Code

This is just a search for Clubhouse Invite on Youtube. All the comments says it works and lot of comments from new accounts.

Don't buy clubhouse invitesSome folks like me have identified the BS and called them out on comments.

Do you think it's just on youtube?


Even on Google search there are a lot of fake Clubhouse Invite code generators, which asks you to download other apps and share your Email Address.

Point to note here is Clubhouse is connected to your iPhone number and there is no Invite code generators for Clubhouse!!

"Clubhouse Invite" google search result

These point to some PDF with "Click here to get Clubhouse Invite" and this!
Asking to download shady apps clubhouse invite scams

A lot more cases where someone says to offer invites for 5 or 10 bucks and just ghosts you once you made the payment. Beware of cheap clubhouse invites on Internet.

I wish everyone took a background check on where they are getting invites from, who they are etc, before falling to these traps or scams. Check twice or thrice whom you are getting invites from, they normally block Innocent people once they get your hard earned money. Don't fall for such traps.

This is the same reason I started a pay it forward Clubhouse invite train.

How it works?

As we get invites we share with next person. And so far we have onboarded 700+ great folks from 50+ countries and counting.

You can read more here: or "why I do what I do" on my medium blog above.

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itscasey profile image
Casey 💎

Good PSA! Definitely don't fall for the age-old scam...

felix_josemon profile image
Felix Josemon Author

Thanks Casey. Funny thing is youtube videos titles "Clubhouse App Invite" is all promoting the one shady link or other.

geongeorge profile image
Geon George

As long as the product stays invite-only this will pop up even more

felix_josemon profile image
Felix Josemon Author

I agree! if we did a bit of background check before opening up the wallet, no one would fell for it.

felix_josemon profile image
Felix Josemon Author

I also contacted AWS team, yet to take any action. the site is still promoting malware apps in promise of Clubhouse Invites

felix_josemon profile image
Felix Josemon Author

I spotted 3 more after publishing this here, for example. Crazy!