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Felix Josemon
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$1000 in 5 days using Auto-Tweet Zapier Integration (🔥How I did it)

This is a followup to my last post, make sure to read that first in case if you haven't already.

Right, now you are back. Read on.

Twitter Growth Hacks Automation

Here's my twitter profile for the last 5-6 days, when I started HEY Invite Code Pay-It forward campaign(more details on the last post).

So what happened?

I integrated my Buy Me a Coffee account with Zapier integration for Twitter.

So, every time someone buys me a coffee or become a supporter of HEY Invite Codes chain, an automatic tweet is sent from my profile.

Here's how it looks:

Hey Invite Codes #HeyInvite

Notice Zapier at the bottom also the keyword "Hey Invite Codes" which has 100+ per hour on peak times. #HeyInvite #HeyEmail too are other popular keywords. Around 120 such tweets were sent from my a/c which led to the traffic and revenue as mentioned above.

That's all for today, here's a cookie🍪 to have along with the morning coffee.

Are you on yet? send a hey me on if you enjoyed reading this:)

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