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The GPT-3 Prompt Generator V-3.0

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to announce my new project, the GPT-3 Prompt Generator V-3.0. This project uses the OpenAI API to generate responses to prompts based on different options that you choose. The options include simulating an expert, challenging conventional narratives, using unconventional prompts, ultra-brainstorming, adding in human-written techniques, writing from different perspectives, and writing in different styles or tones such as satire or irony.

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To use the GPT-3 Prompt Generator V-3.0, simply choose an option and enter the prompt you want the program to respond to. You can also specify the role you want the AI to act as and provide any additional context or information. The program will then generate a response using the OpenAI text-davinci-003 engine.

I'm always looking to improve this project, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions. If you want to check out the code or contribute to the project, please visit my Github. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy using the GPT-3 Prompt Generator V-3.0!

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