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Visual Studio breakpoint with conditions

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This is a simple and quick tip, maybe you already know it, but I don't, even after 10 years working daily with visual studio and C#, so I decided write about it.

If you've ever had to debug code that takes several attempts to evaluate behavior on just a certain condition, you already needed something like a breakpoint with conditions. And as its name says, VS provides this feature for us.

To exemplify, I made a simple code that prints 10 random numbers on a console.

var rnd = new Random();

for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
    Console.WriteLine($"{i}: {rnd.Next(10)}");

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If you put a breakpoint, as in the image below, the debug will stop at it all 10 executions of the loop.

Image description

However, you can must observe the loop behavior just when the condition is i==5, in this case, right click on the breakpoint and put your condition.

Image description

The conditions are specified as in the language and you can use any variable available in that scope, in this case I'm using the i variable.

Image description

Image description

Here is a simple example video of the whole process.

I hope you like and if you don't know this feature, comment there.

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Pierre Bouillon

This is indeed a very useful feature, especially when you need to debug a specific case in a when iterating on a huge collection!

As a side note, the feature is also available on VS Code and works in the same way

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Felipe Marques Author

I didn't know that is also available in VS Code, thanks for the tip.

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