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Cover image for Day 5 of #100DaysOfCode: Cover Image Generator
Audrey Roy Greenfeld for Feldroy

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Day 5 of #100DaysOfCode: Cover Image Generator

Tonight I created this cover image generator:

It uses JavaScript to draw on an HTML5 canvas.

To change the text:

  1. Fork this on CodePen:
  2. In the JS panel, change the lines with ctx.fillText to be the text you want.
  3. Break any long lines into two lines, or shrink the fonts.

You'll probably also want to change:

  • The colors
  • The fonts
  • The parameters of the fractal tree

Have fun! I'd love to see what you create, so please share your posts/forks in the comments below.

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lautarolobo profile image
Lautaro Lobo

Hey Audrey, awesome!! I love Fractals :D

geshan profile image
Geshan Manandhar

This is pretty cool.