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I Challenged Myself to Create an App in Less Than 24 Hours

So I challenged myself to see if I can create an app from idea all the way to production in less than 24 hours.

Here it is!

I had the idea of this app in mind for quite some time now. I implemented it in ~16,5 hours, from typing the first letter of the source code to desinging, deploying it to production, configuring the server and redirecting the domain.

About the app

The app is about mental health and breathing. Mental health is important, I do breathing exercises almost daily and this app will help me, and hopefully others, to work on it even more.

Currently there are two exercises called "Calm Down" and "Focus".

  1. Calm Down - it's a box type breathing exercise with 4 sec of breath in -> 4 sec hold -> 4 sec breathe out -> 4 sec hold.
  2. Focus - it's a in/out type of exercise with 6 sec breathe in -> 6 sec breathe out.

I'm planning on adding more features if interest is high enough.

Discussion (2)

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Andrew Baisden

Not bad.

theabhayprajapati profile image
Abhay Prajapati

so cool