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Looking out for key actions to propel your organization from the inside

My goal with this series is to identify roadblocks that make the process of evolving a company harder. In doing so I wish to kindle discussion and exchange of ideas in the spirit of arriving at a possible solution.

Each article is going to be short. I plan on writing concise ideas, too long for a tweet, and too short for a standalone blog.

Thanks for reading. I hope this series is helpful to you.

The first step: Finding out specifically what is holding your organization back

Being a small and chaotic business is not sustainable at all. Everybody does everything all the time until eternity. Founders and other accountable employees don't stop working. Mistakes are done and fixed again and again. That's why a natural evolution to a well-organized company tends to happen.

So now the whole team plans on making things more organized so that responsibility is distributed and entropy diminishes.

Negative aspects of the company's processes start to pop up. You give them a name. They become real. That is the first step to evolving an organization. Then you can design and implement solutions.

For each roadblock you identify in your journey to improve a company, there is a possibility of improvement. In fact, the mere finding of an obstacle means that it holds the opportunity to set a pillar for the next iteration of your organization. Building a solid process and methodology to surpass that obstacle is the foundation on which you can stand on top and continue identifying and solving problems that lie on the road ahead.

Wrap Up

The thing to take from this article is that identifying a problem with exquisite detail is key. You have to give substance to what you are trying to solve. If not, it will linger on. The simple act of giving entity to what you need to tackle is pushing you closer to its solution.
What I am thinking about right now is processes that get implemented with no sufficient communication to everybody involved. Maybe I will write about that next.

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