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🚀 Background Removal in Python with PyTorch and Rembg! 🎨🐍

Welcome to our latest Python tutorial, where we dive into the world of image processing!
In this video, we'll guide you through the process of removing backgrounds from images using Pre-trained model basied on PyTorch : The Rembg library.

🔧 What You'll Learn:

Install the necessary Python libraries for image processing.
Import and manipulate images using the OpenCV .
Use PyTorch as Deeplearning framework with the pre-trained background removal code
Demonstration of the background removal on your images

If you are interested in learning modern Computer Vision course with deep dive with TensorFlow , Keras and Pytorch , you can find it here :
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Oreily come up with this book . The best book for learning Deep learning based on Tensorflow-Keras. This is the link:

The link for the tutorial :


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