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Discussion on: The Future of Programming - Rejected!

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Dervon Browne

On that last point I completely agree. The issue that seems most important is these problems have a possibility of being completely fixed now if given proper attention soon, this is what I gleaned from the talk. With an entire profession having always been half with less than 5 years experience along with the normal averages if human beings I don't see hierarchy being avoided, in fact I'd argue it maybe the only solution to keeping the untalented and inexperienced out of critical systems. Anyone may code but not anywhere as much as I loathe the idea of supporting any form of governance at all, in this particular case we have to do it to ourselves. But I'm hopeful that the power implicit in developing dictates that only the better developer maybe able to govern the worser, which illudes to the meritocracy, we all were told fairytale the world was and should be as youths.

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