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Multiple Scale Modeling for Predictive Material Deformation Analysis with FEATool Multiphysics

A multi-scale modeling and simulation study using FEATool Multiphysics to investigate stretching and deformation of a ligament under uniaxial tension is presented in the following. The study demonstrates how the FEATool simulation software can be used by students and non-experts to perform simulations and quickly get relevant results with a minimum of effort and time. The presented study was a collaborative effort by students, Rachel Aronow, Aaron da Silva, Rose Dennis, Abdel Kader Geraldo, Dean Katsaros, Melissa Sych, and Richard Touret, under the guidance of Professor QianYong Chen at the University of Massachusetts Amherst [1].

Multiple Scale Modeling for Predictive Material Deformation Analysis


Material deformation and stress-strain is an active area of
mathematical modeling relevant to industrial and research-oriented
materials science. It is important to take variations in material
properties into account in these models. Multi-scale models that
incorporate inhomogeneity were studied and modeling frameworks that
address this need were created and tested. Incorporating variations in
material properties at the micro scale resulted in significantly
different predictions of material deformation under similar
loading. Variations in material properties were accounted for through
averaging over stresses in representative volume elements (RVEs).


[1] Aronow R. et al.
Multiple Scale Modeling for Predictive Material Deformation Analysis,
Mathematics and Statistics Newsletter, University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Volume 33, pp 4-6, 2017-2018.

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