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I am surprised more people are not using these tools!!

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Img BB

Host images for free, it even has a API which you can use to upload images and it returns you a URL.


Send API requests to this tool and it captures everything, Headers, type of request, body data, response time etc.


Remove unnecessary meta data and excess things from a SVG files, and make it smaller


Generate Test APIs with GET, POST, PUT & DELETE methods.

Tailwind Grids

Generate tailwind grids boilerplates with a UI.


Generate microservices instantly in any programming language, all within the browser. Just save once done and get a API endpoint


Generate email aliases for free, so you dont have to hand out your real email id


This is my most used tool of all time. Connect your phone and your computer, send text, images accross & get notifications from phone. Hell you can even send it other pushbullet users.


Analyze how much time you’ve spent on each project, language etc. in reports.

Web.dev from Google

A plethora of knowlwdge base on web development, performance & best practices.

Postman & Insomnia

API testing tools. Test API endpoints without writing a frontend/backend.


Time tacking, perfect for Freelancers and consultants who charger Per Hour

Google Optimize

Website A/B, Multivariant testing for free (others charge hundreds of dollars for this)


Open API & E2E encrytion gives you endless possibilities with Telegram. I have made a personal bot with this, which notifies me of payments, netlify builds, automates and sends me some personal information. I even use it to trigger manual deployments for Vercel (prev Zeit).

Netlify CMS

A free git based CMS, I usually implement this as a add on for my freelance clients for some extra amount.


I hate using complex regex sometimes, this tool makes it a breeze, plus the UI is just 'chef's kiss'


A beautiful flowcharts, wireframes, mindmap generator. It has a free plan, which is enough for me actually.


Make HTML emails the right way. Letter is just good to look at, this is what happens when a designer codes.

Nocode API

Sometimes you just need data from a third party, but you need to setup a backend, handle authentication, host it on server. Nocode API does exactly that, you just need to sign up, it also has a generous free tier.
Comment if there are tools you wish others used more because they're awesome.

Firefox Send

Upload large amounts of data and get a downloadable link. You can even control when the file exprires and restrict no of downloads.


Get a PWA with CRUD data transactions in approx 5 minutes, all done with Google sheets.

Squoosh from Google

Compress images without losing quality, covert them to next-gen formats like webp & mozjpeg.

Static Forms

Free API for sending emails. Yes its free and has no limits.


A open source and free Google maps alternative. Its not as sophisticated as Google Maps, but it gets the job done. A realtime use case can be found in housing.com, one of the largest real estate aggregators in India.


Encrypt and Decrypt files right inside the browser, no data is sent to any server. Plus, it's open source.

Flaticon Pattern

Have you wondered how chat apps have these icons pattern background, which look so cool. Flaticon provides a free tool with thousands of icons and its completely customisable.

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Let me know in comments, if you think people should be using something more often.

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Hi Fayaz, great list! I’m one of the engineers behind RequestBin. I’m curious if you’ve used our new tool, pipedream.com . It lets you run any Node code on HTTP requests and connect to hundreds of apps (via pre-built functions or custom code). Interested in any feedback you have.


I will definitely check it out!


Hey Dylan, so Pipedream lets you host node apps, but the catch is there are also cron jobs too in this.


Exactly, you can trigger workflows on HTTP requests, a timer (cron job), email, and a growing list of app-based triggers. For example, you can run a workflow every time someone mentions you in a tweet - check out these examples).

This is so awesome! I am hoping these apps won't sleep like glitch.

Quick question, Is this free, I cannot see the pricing.

So workflows are all event-driven, like AWS Lambda or other serverless functions. They’ll only run when invoked but can run using any of those triggers.

It’s free to run with some limits (see docs here: docs.pipedream.com/pricing/), but I’m happy to raise those limits for you. Paid plans are coming soon and we’ll send a note to users when those arrive - if you signed up, you’re on our email list!

Cool, I created a workflow connecting a webhook to google sheets, playing around with it. It says success when I hit the endpoint it says Success, but data is not saved to sheet. I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for letting me know about pipedream, this seems like a much advanced and better zapier, will definitely be using it more.

Oh sorry to hear that. If it helps, here are two public examples of how you can add a new row to a sheet (I'm using the Add a Row to a Sheet action):

Try copying these workflows, adding your own spreadsheet ID as the value of the Spreadsheet ID param in the add a row action, and press Send Test Event just below the HTTP trigger step. This adds a two-column row with a sample name and title, like in this example sheet.

Happy to also take a look at your workflow and modify to get it working. Feel free to email me anytime at dylan [at] pipedream [dot] com (you probably already got a welcome email from me ;) ).

Thanks for giving it a try Fayaz.


I agree! Many of these I've either discovered recently myself and thought the same "wtf, this is great!" or hadn't heard of until you made this micro "awesome" list! Thanks!
The Micro Awesome


Thanks, Great Article. I would also add undraw.io to get illustrations for free and totally customizable.


Actually undraw has become so popular that basically entire internet is using it these days. This article has lesser know tools, which I use a lot.

PS, I made a directory of some really cool tools and resources here appy-dev.netlify.app/


Postman & Insomnia
API testing tools. Test API endpoints without writing a frontend/backend.

postwoman.io - zero config, API request builder. Web alternative to postman.


Yes, used this, but postmans env variables and syncing with other teammates makes it the best api testing tool.


I still need to know how they earn their money beyond free tier.

imgbb.com/ vs Cloudinary? Cloudinary image resizing might be good for SEO as well.

In reality, I really want to like number of third party services. Firebase + Mongo is enough for most cases (because Firebase Firestore sucks, so I have to use Mongo.)

For Postwoman, now I always use Swagger UI with OpenAPI, so I have no problem testing the API.

Currently what I am missing is CMS. I create one myself for personally use, but don't know I eventually can maintain.


I checked ImgBB they have no mention of a limit anywhere


I replaced Pushbullet with Telegram. Very easy to create bots and use the API to post all sorts of information and files (unlimited space, 1.5GB max file size). It's cross platform, so I can easily transfer pictures from my iPhone to any OS.

I get notifications for everything there, including highlights in IRC. It is a great messenger client. No, not just great, the best messenger client. So powerful, I don't know why more people aren't using it.

Another tool is Keybase, but members of this site already know about it. I don't use it for messaging as much as for encryption and encrypted storage.


What makes you think that not many people are using these tools?


I work in a huge team, most of the PMs, Marketing teams, didn't knew about them, hence wrote about it.

I am sure you were already using them.

Though, I think postman should not have been here.


I see. I guess some of those tools are more by and for developer, so it rarely reaches people outside of that bubble. Good collection!

Wakatime is pretty cool - even if it now shifts the load of tracking time per day, to go through the reports on a monthly base and try to remember what I have done :)

PS, here's a directory of tools I had made, check it out.

That’s hilarious you just, or maybe have been wanting to, build and push a list of underused programming links to Netlify. I’ve been a sideline observer of programming and it’s freedom for far to long. With my ADD I’ve accumulated too many bookmarks but finally past couple weeks have been designing a theme with components and such that I like. It was more for me and what I like than something that could be on product hunt, needless to say, after I checked out what you made I can’t stop laughing. The drawing I did of a homepage and code I have in a GitHub repo is just about the same as yours. The cards layout with small shadow, the pics on the cards, the site info, the tags. Sorry for just writing all this, I was just sitting here looking at what you just did and it’s just so funny. More power to you, I hope it does very well for you on product hunt.


I use some tools that you mentioned in your post but another has unknow for me, great tools made by great developers


A very nice article and perfect explanations for each tools.
Amazing read, keep up the good work :)


I'm chipping away at this list. There's so much good stuff! Absolutely a lock on my reading list.


Writing v2 soon. Let me know if you know something that needs to be used more.


I would suggest to give apic.app a try as an alternative to Postman


Never heard about web.dev, gonna check it out !


Great List! I’ve been living on the google webdev site the last couple of weeks. I saw some nice sites I’ve never tried, but will definitely be checking out


A great list. I have my own (instead of browser bookmarks) and I happily added some new links. Thanks a lot :)