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Fayaz Ahmed
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Sideproject Update - Fluenticons v2

So, last February I had made a small weekend project and last month I released a version 2 of it.

Fluenticons is an icon viewer for Microsoft fluent icons. It has over 4000+ open beautiful icons which you can use in your projects.

Fluenticons is now sponsored by Iconfinder, sign up and get $10 worth of credits (via the banner in fluenticons).

What's new in v2?

  • No more hacks, I've used actual SVG's now, so I was able to add some new features like manipulating them.
  • You can copy snippets for SVGs, Vue component, React Component, HTML Image.
  • You can download SVGs, PNGs, WEBP, Vue component, React Component now.
  • Manipulate colors to see how the icon looks.
  • More performant, loads way too fast now. (Scores 100 on Lighthouse Yay!!). Was surprised to see the site loading in 600ms when I moved from vercel to cloudflare pages.

What's next?

  • Make an advanced editor like adding frames behind the icons. Inspiration - Bakery & Iconscout's Icon Editor (requires a lot a math, which I am not good at.)
  • Make a npm package for others to use the components in their own web projects, probably looking a web component, maybe like boxicons.

Tech stack

Tailwind Css.
Hosted on cloudflare pages.

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Kavindu Santhusa

Can I contribute?

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Fayaz Ahmed

Sure, please go ahead and make a PR.

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Looks really good!!

devluc profile image

Really cool project, I love it Fayaz. Awesome work