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Life update: Freelancing, Selling a project & joining a company

fayaz profile image Fayaz Ahmed ・2 min read

So I have been away from, social media and basically off the internet for like 6 months. A lot happened during this time.

I was burnt out from work stress, as I have been constantly working from past 4 years as a web developer, handling it was quite difficult for me and I literally quit my job, took a long break and I eventually sold one of my weekend project appydev.

I had literally no idea on what exactly I was supposed to do next, I decided not to go back stressing about this again, since I had earned some money from the website acquisition, I had some money for rent and living.

One good thing about being a web developer is there will always be someone who needs something built on the internet, I did not plan on it but I started taking large freelancing projects.

I made quite a few E commerce websites, a lot of people were trying to go online with the businesses due to the pandemic. Was working my own hours, earning decent money, not as much as a full time developer but it was a very good experience, I handled clients, assigning working hours to projects and a lot of other things, it taught me a lot.

I even got time to revamp my portfolio site, go check it out.

I was getting offers from multiple companies to join their organisations, but I kept declining it, I need a break honestly.

After 4 months of freelancing and consulting, I finally accepted an offer from a company, I have joined as a fullstack software engineer.

What made me join their organisation?

  1. I get to work on the tech stack I love and I am comfortable with - Nuxt.js, Tailwindcss, Node.js, Express
  2. They're remaking their entire project from scratch using all the modern technologies, I get to learn a lot.
  3. Some extremely talented people in the team.
  4. No leave policies, No concept of shift timings, I can literally stop working at 3 pm, If I do not have any work for the day, they actually encourage you to do this.

So, back to writing, I miss writing on the platform, and I plan to write more and it feels good to be back.


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Odongoh Emmanuel

Welcome back, hopefully, you won't try killing yourself with work.