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New Engineering and Product Leadership @ Fauna

Author: Eric Berg
Publish date: Sep 22, 2020

I am super excited today to welcome two new leaders to the Fauna executive team who bring a deep excellence in their respective functions and successful track records defining, operating, and scaling enterprise-class services that both delight developers and make enterprise customers wildly successful.

Hassen Karaa joins as our Vice President of Product. Hassen and I worked together for several years at Okta where he played a critical role in scaling the products and company as Okta went from an early stage startup to a public company with $650M in revenue. Prior to that, he spent several years as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft working on a variety of enterprise software products.

Tyson Trautmann joins as our Vice President of Engineering. Tyson has a great background for Fauna with experience both building large scale platforms for internal developers during his time at Riot Games and most recently was a GM at AWS where he was responsible for the enterprise developer offerings AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy. He also spent some formative years early on in his career working on large scale distributed systems at Microsoft.

Enterprise developers are rapidly adopting serverless technologies to underpin their next generation of applications and very much expect their database to be serverless as well. Fauna has a huge opportunity ahead of us as we continue to deliver on our vision of the data API that enables developers to simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster.

One of my highest priorities after joining Fauna was to recruit world class leaders for our product and engineering functions to compliment the team that was already on the ground. The engineering organization has built a very impressive technology platform and as we have seen a tremendous amount of interest in Fauna from developers and enterprise organizations. The addition of Hassen and Tyson will really help us accelerate our innovation engine as we move forward.

So please join me in welcoming Hassen and Tyson to the Fauna community and please check out our press release if you want to read more and hear directly from them as to why they are also so excited about the road ahead.

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