How to take full page screenshots in Chrome without extensions

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We spend a considerable portion of our time using a web browser and may sometimes need to get a screenshot of a full page in your browser. I recently learned that Google Chrome has the option to do that without using any additional extensions. In this article, we will see how we can do that.

First, we need to open DevTools inside Chrome. We can open it by doing the following steps: Main Menu (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner > More tools > Developer tools. We can also open it using the following keyboard shortcuts: Control+Shift+I in Windows and Linux or Command+Option+I in Mac. We can also open it by right-clicking anywhere in the page and select Inspect.

Then we need to open Command Menu. We can do that by pressing Control+Shift+P in Windows and Linux or Command+Shift+P in Mac.

Then we need to write and select Capture full size screenshot. After we have done that, we should get a PNG as a screenshot for the full page.

That’s it for this quick tip. It seems something really simple, but I think it can be really useful.

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