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Aradhya Alamuru
Aradhya Alamuru

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Cyrcl - Chat with people around you

Hey guys!

I got really bored during the lockdown, and as a side project - started working on Cyrcl! Cyrcl lets you chat with the people around you.

I built it over ~40days. The backend is on Nodejs and MongoDB - hosted on EC2 on AWS, Android and iOS apps built completely on React Native.

I'd love some feedback or just discuss some of the tech/hacks! :)


Cyrcl Home Page

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Arun Kumar G

Hi Aradhya,
How was your experience with React Native, is this is your first app or did you try before? I see you have a separate website describing this app, how did you get this done in such a short span, interested to know your experience

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Aradhya Alamuru Author

Hey Arun!
Have been working with react native for a while now, on and off for almost two years.
I had some help on design from a friend and the idea for the mvp was really clear.
It did take some time for things like contents and screenshots, but apart from that - I give react native a B+! Hahah.
As I was the sole full stack developer, any parts in particular you want me to elaborate on? :)

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Subramanya Chakravarthy

App link??

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Aradhya Alamuru Author

Here it is!

Thank you! :)