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Which are the most suitable processes that can be automated with RPA?

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is the technology that enables great potential in your organization. Every company can benefit from [RPA]9 implementation if they figure out which are the most suitable process that can be subject to automation.
Below, we will see four of them.

Systems Queries
Data queries across multiple applications and portals are typical processes that workers have to perform to collect data for a particular transaction.

Which is the RPA solution?

Automation can offer smooth data integration between your data portals. It is possible to use software robots to connect all of your applications and supply staff with rapid access to accumulated data. RPA is also used to supply data from servers like a SQL database by executing a query to extract information and write it out to the output panel.


The HR department is usually a subject of repetitive and highly reliant on manual-driven processes. Payroll is one of the operations which are rule-based and repetitive. Additionally, it needs a huge volume of data entry attempts.

Which is the RPA solution?

RPA can confirm employee data consistency across multiple systems, validate documents, load deductions, and earnings, run batch extracts, or occasion benchmark market information for newcomers and terminations. It can also automate the monthly paycheck, administer benefits and reimbursements. Robots can take care of most payroll-related trades from finishing to avoid inaccuracies and flaws.

Employee Onboarding

The procedure for onboarding and establishing new hires is very time-consuming for the HR and IT departments. This procedure includes various transactions like creating new user accounts, email addresses, access rights, mailing lists, IT equipment requests, and training and induction schedules.

Which is the RPA solution?

With the rule-based and repetitive nature of employee onboarding actions, this process it's a prime candidate for RPA to automatically activate a pre-structured onboarding workflow after the new user account is created. Robots can do it based on principles and triggers that workers assigned to the new hires' profile. Software robots can also be configured to send out documentation and notifications via email to new employees.

User Termination

Exit management involves various activities to make certain that the departing employees’ accesses are properly eliminated, and their whole know-how and information trail are organized and safely stored. This procedure requires IT and HR to go through multiple systems to deactivate credentials and collect termination records to the system.

Which is the RPA solution?

Organizations can implement RPA to ensure an organized departing and de-provisioning process by automating ERP user finishing activities. Consolidating leaving workers' feed and input into downstream systems, execute exit polls, create exit documents, send out notifications to relevant stakeholders, and process final payments.

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