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Robotic Process Automation - a tool or a strategy?

Robotic Process Automation is now a technology used by over 85% of large enterprises. These businesses can enjoy many benefits, including lower operational costs, higher accuracy and faster throughput.

RPA can make a huge difference in a company's bottom line. You need to have an automation program that covers your entire business. This broad deployment strategy brings enormous benefits in terms of cost and accuracy. It's important to note that RPA can be used at the corporate level as a strategic technology.

Into a digital business world

Many businesses are pursuing digital transformation as a strategic plan, particularly legacy ones that are being challenged by digital competitors. Many existing enterprises are being disrupted by these new, digital-first companies. They can operate without the overhead of legacy systems and with greater accuracy and cost savings than automation. RPA allows you to apply the same digital approach to your entire business.

Automation's hidden value

A strategic method is to look at where RPA and the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools can bring advantages to your customers. Take a look at the existing metrics that measure customer success. What can automation do to improve the speed of service delivery? Are you able to pass some of the savings or improved accuracy on to your customers?

For banks, automating loan assessment can speed up processing times. Even though there's no cost reduction, it still provides valuable business benefits. It is not a good idea to focus on short-term tactical cost savings without considering the larger strategic picture of pleasing customers. It is possible to achieve both, which is not uncommon. A better customer experience often requires speed and accuracy.

RPA should be a strategic tool that every company has in its arsenal. You need to approach RPA in this way to reap the greatest benefits. Strategic implementations are the most effective. They can span entire companies, drive digital transformation and maximize customer benefits.

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