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Is RPA developer a good career to pursue?

RPA is going to be the future, maybe one of the most important things in the coming years. Its scope is to incorporate Artificial Intelligence for advanced decision making and interference. Some of UiPath RPA tools are already being used in businesses.

But what about an RPA career?

A career in RPA is found to be very effective. There are major employment opportunities already in the world and it is anticipated a boom in job availability in the next three to five years, as the majority of companies will, out of necessity, be adopting RPA. Although most of the companies want candidates for RPA jobs to have achieved minimal training, many of them prefer hiring certified persons in RPA.
The best part of the RPA developer career is that it does not require as much coding (or correcting errors of code) as traditional software development. So, RPA developers do not have to be programmers but they have to know to do some light scripting, at least. RPA tools accentuate low-code, visual techniques for defining applications and integrations, an understanding of programming control flows.

RPA is the fastest-growing segment of the global company software market. Interest in RPA has been growing very emphasized in the past 5 years.

The most important criteria in determining salaries for RPA developers are experience and location. In the United States, the median salary in RPA career is about $100 000 while the median salary of a regular developer is about $120 000. Though an RPA developer is not the best-paid developer, this field is emerging and there is a lack of qualified RPA developers in the market which makes it easier to be hired as an RPA developer.

Firstly, deciding on a platform on which to build the RPA developer skills is very important, but not critical. Basic RPA concepts are shared over tools. RPA platforms are built on programming languages so it is easier to become proficient in an RPA platform by already experiencing the underlying technology.

All RPA platforms have Graphical User Interfaces but developers need to customize their bots using the underlying programming language of the RPA tool. The most popular RPA platforms based on the programming languages are Python, .NET, and Java. Most RPA software platforms ensure plenty of free material for guiding through building the first bot.

There are 3 types of employment opportunities for RPA developers:

  1. RPA companies Many companies help other companies, especially large companies, as they build bots and automate processes.

  2. Implementation partners of RPA companies The niche RPA consultants provide RPA development services to other companies. These are the largest employers of RPA developers.

  3. End-users of RPA Companies that are using RPA to automate their own processes need RPA developers. Most of these companies do not employ many RPA developers, but their number is significant.

For experienced RPA developers to establish credibility is essential. Using RPA tools to build bots is the first step in RPA development. Creating solutions for the community helps to build the developer’s credibility.

In the end, to answer the question from the title, of course, RPA developer is a good career to pursue, if you are interested in it. At this moment, it does now require so much knowledge because of the little market and it seems a timely career.

Elisa Adria Muntean
Faculty of Economic Engineering in The Electrical, Electronic and Energy Field

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