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Fast Forward: Let's build the good internet together

We have big news to share! ⏩

In three years of managing Fastly's open source program, I've met so many incredible, creative people - developers in our open source program, colleagues, friends - working on many impactful projects. They're solving fundamental flaws with the internet's infrastructure, improving people's lives, and giving us all a sense of wonder and whimsy. I'm inspired by them.

Open source is software and a social contract. To use it is to agree to build according to a set of values and to give back to it in whatever way you can.

We believe it's imperative to build openly, transparently, and collaboratively to make the internet a better place. We apply these values to the way we work with others and the technologies we build. You can read more about what these values mean to us in this post by Anil Dash.

Today we're talking about how we contribute to the open internet. We believe that every contribution counts: code, community, and good conduct. With that said, I'm really excited to announce our expanded support for open source and the open internet - Fast Forward.

Here's what it means.

Fast Forward represents several different programs supporting the systems making the internet safer, faster, and more engaging. We want to make the experience of being online better for everyone, from protecting your data and identity online to making sure shows stream smoothly and apps download fast, even in rural areas. And we want to build and be a part of communities that are inclusive and friendly because we believe that's when we build the best stuff. You can read more about the ways we contribute to the open internet from Artur Bergman and me.

I want to give special space to the Fast Forward Program here - we've made a huge commitment to supporting the open source community, and I want to make sure you know about it. Since 2014, Fastly has donated free services to open source projects like Rust, Apache, and Scratch. And we want to support you too! You can read more about how we support, eligibility, and apply on our site.

Let's build the good internet. Together.

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