June 15th Side Project Check-in

fastflowz profile image Dakota Lewallen ・1 min read

Side-project Checkin (9 Part Series)

1) April 28th Side Project Check-in 2) May 2nd Side Project Checkin 3 ... 7 3) May 6th Side Project Checkin 4) May 14th Side Project Checkin 5) May 21st Side Project Check-in 6) May 30th Side Project Check-in 7) June 8th Side Project Check-in 8) June 15th Side Project Check-in 9) June 22nd Side Project Checkin

Morning/Afternoon dev.to travellers!

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. How was you week? Any progress to share or cool ideas your looking to start on? Let's chat below. 😁


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This week I made a lot of progress on a rework of my personal site. One of the biggest changes I've made has been mocking up my UI in figma before writing any code. I've found having the visuals laid out beforehand to be super helpful.


I’ve released a first version of my Moonwlker project to the general public: dev.to/bertilmuth/moonwlker-json-w...
Pretty excited about it. Feedback welcome.


Personally, I have very basic knowledge when it comes to Java. Being a JavaScript dev, this definitely makes me appreciate having first-class support for JSON. I appreciate the effort to shorten the syntax required for serialization, considering Java tends to be long winded lol. Have you thought about maybe sharing this to hackernews? I'd imagine there's a lot more Java devs there that might be interested.