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start new journey

Fast of all I am FASILU 2 nd year bsc computer science student. I dicide to become a freelancer wen I study 12th fast I create a youtube channel but it's floped
And start learn html and python for web development .I make my own website then I think iam a full stake devoloper🤗. then i joined and upwork and bid some job postings.but I can't get eny client🥺. then i Stoped.
Today I restarted but not enough skills an also bad english 😣 .I try to improve.its take time. Then today try to contribute GitHub opensource project's😉 but I don't no how it's work .
will you any help .
The real problem is I don't know which one is choose. I like all technical and computer based things (I am always a confusion 🤔🤔)
My real plan

  1. Web development for freelance but it's not my real

  2. Enthical hacking for my security

  3. Mechanic engineering also I like but this time I not.

4.Electronics my favourite it's my hobby.

5.App development , AI , machine learning..etc it's all basics I needed 🙄I always think this and how I make money

I know it's all not work but I want it.first time just for learning but this time learning+ make mony🤯. then i never stop.
What you think comment.
In this time
Opensource projects is my target and I think this dev is also help.
I think this article writing is improve my English 😜.
See you next time

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