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Discussion on: As a programmer, how do you keep yourself healthy? Tips | Apps | Tools

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Michael Fasani

20 years dev here. A few thing I must do in oder to stay healthy. I need to walk 20-30 minutes per day minimum, if I don’t do that I get terrible back ache. In a good week I workout 2-3 times with fairly heavy weights and I do yoga 1-2 times, I should do cardio a few times a week but I never do. Side projects are also something I do to keep the learning flowing. Being comfortable at your desk is important but it means different things for different people. ANC headphones allows me to focus and block out the noise of the office. 2-3 liters of water per day plus several tea and coffees, that also helps by making you take more toilet breaks. I often take an extra walk once in the middle of the day just 10 mins near my office. My favorite apps, calm radio, daily yoga, Fitbod.

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Tharun Shiv Author

Great answer. Thank you 🙂