MacBook 2018 Air or MacBook Pro 13 Dual core?

farrugiajose profile image Jose Farrugia ・1 min read

Which MacBook should I get for web development, specifically VueJs, Ruby on Rails coupled with a few Virtual Machines (Homestead) and Parallels?

Is the MacBook Pro 13 Dual Core slightly faster than the newer MacBook Air 2018? I am looking at 16GB RAM modes ONLY.

Your thoughts and suggestions are most appreciated 😬


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Macbook pro if you want to get more juice out of the cpu.
The pro model has a higher base clock speed which results in better cpu scores.
You can check the geekbench results for both of those model.



Not much of a difference though? Just a margin of a few hundred. Is it worth spending a few hundred more for it?


honestly, i don't think CPU speed would make much difference in a web development setup. By the way, Beaware of the keyboard issues.

Keyboard issues on the 2017 MacBook Pro I presume?

They all have this problem. I am currently using macbook pro-2017, had to replace my keyboard and now i'm having this problem again.


I think I am going to go for a refurbished 2017 MacBook Pro 15 with the 2GB Radeon graphics card. Benchmarks are double that of the Air 2018 and that’s just spending an extra Β£100.

Thank you for all answers!