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AgensSQL - Bitnine Global Inc


AgensSQL: an integration of Bitnine’s DB technology and PG expertise, is an all-new relational DBMS based on PostgreSQL, with years of expertise and knowledge accumulated through database research and development.

Agens Enterprise Package:


AEM (Agens Enterprise Manager)

  • DB Operation/Management (Monitoring Dashboard)
  • SQL Edit/Execute/Inquiry (HA & Extension Management)


AgensSQL Extension Server

  • AHM (Agens HA Manager)
  • Load Balancer (Backup/Restore)
  • Data Sharding


AgensSQL DB Engine

  • PostgreSQL 12 (Data Security)

Image Showing Architecture of Agens Enterprise Package

Key Features

Manage your data with Agens Enterprise Package Essential enterprise features such as high availability and sharding are provided

Data Security

Various security features are added to ensure security and stability of data.

High Availability

In the event of main system failure, the standby server minimizes downtime by restoring the system.


Monitoring dashboard views overall status of the DB such as query analysis, operating environment status, database audit, etc.

Data Sharding

Distribute a single dataset across multiple databases, increasing the total storage capacity of the system.

Image showing key features


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