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Pushing Docker image to Oracle Container Registry

Oftencase the Docker hub is where general open-source developers store their Docker images. But occasionally when you want to use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you'd want to upload those images to your cloud tenancy's private Container Registry to simplify your development to production workflow. Here's how you do it.

Note: To use this service, you must upgrade to a paid account.

How to connect to the Container Registry

1. Find your tenancy namespace in Oracle Cloud > Profile Picture > Tenancy, e.g. iddriaq7lag549

OCI console screenshot of Tenancy details page showing namepspace

2. Create an Auth Token in your Oracle Cloud > Profile > My Profile > User Settings > Auth Tokens. This will be your Docker login password.

Auth Token creation page

3. Login to the Container Registry on Docker using:

docker login
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If you are not using the Ashburn (IAD) region, please refer to this list for your docker login URL.

4. The Terminal will prompt you for your username and password. Your username and password will look like this:

Username: idrriaq7lag5/oracleidentitycloudservice/
Password: DBY75ZmVsc_v3!Qg6duC


  • idrriaq7lag5 is the tenancy namespace you found in Step 1
  • is your Oracle Cloud login email
  • the password is the Auth Token retrieved in Step 2

Of course, you can also do a one-liner:

docker login -u 'idrriaq7lag5/oracleidentitycloudservice/' -p 'DBY75ZmVsc_v3!Qg6duC'
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5. Now you can build, push, and pull your Docker images as usual using:

docker build -t .
docker push
docker pull
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You will find the pushed image in the Container Registry (root compartment). You can move the image to any other compartment afterwards.

6. If you want to logout, simply:

docker logout
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And that's a short guide to using Docker for Oracle Cloud's Container Registry.


  1. Overview of Container Registry
  2. Logging in to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry

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