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How to create a Compute Instance on Oracle Cloud using the web app

Hello there! Welcome to Oracle Cloud! The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an alternative to AWS, Google Cloud, and other cloud computing providers that provides the infrastructure for your computing needs on the cloud.

Let us start this journey by learning how to create and connect to a remote computer (this is called a Compute Instance) on OCI through the web app console on

1. Create an OCI Virtual Cloud Network

First we need to create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) where all the connections are configured. Search for Virtual Cloud Networks on Oracle Cloud and click Start VCN Wizard.

Create VCN Wizard on OCI

Choose Create VCN with Internet Connectivity and click Start VCN Wizard

Create VCN Wizard wizard

Give the VCN a name and use the default settings. Now you have your VCN:

Create VCN details

2. Create a Compute Instance

Search for Instances and click Create Instance

Instances page

Change the Virtual cloud network being used under Networking to the VCN you created in the previous step.

Download the SSH private key under Add SSH keys, so you can access the instance.

Download private SSH key

By default (as of today), the instance will use Oracle Linux 8 as its OS and the VM.Standard.E4.Flex processor chip with 1 OCPU and 16GB RAM.

Click Create to create the instance.

After provisioning is done and the instance is RUNNING, copy the Public IP address of the instance.

Instance details

Now let's access the instance through the Terminal via SSH.

First, make sure to make the SSH private key file read-only for the user and only the user.

chmod 400 ssh-key-2023-07-17.key
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And then we can access the instance using:

ssh -i ssh-key-2023-07-17.key opc@
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Obviously, change the filename and IP address to your own. opc is the default username.

Terminal connected to instance

You now have access to the remote instance.

Here, you have access to a remote computer where you can create files, connect to the Internet, create apps, and many more, just like your current computer but without the GUI.

Good luck! 👋

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