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Working Professionally > Emotionally Loving The Company

The Honeymoon Phase
Well, it's still February right? The month of love, so allow me to share a little about love, love about the company I work for. Today's almost 5 years I work for this company, I think around 1 year I work here the feelings started to grow because I love the peoples, the culture that it builds, the way it treats the employee & the value of its that I belief align with my value as a person and as a professional.
That feelings makes me work like crazy, I never have a second thought about have to work overtime, midnight wake up call, countless overtime that I did not claim and even weekend support. During these phase I'm so overwhelm by the love of the company and the work that I do that I never make time to stop to reminisce my goals for myself and what can I do for the company. I just enjoy the time that I'm here, working.

The Contradiction

Time goes by, one thing I realise which I think is strange at that time, is that the more I feel love for the company does not necessarily increase my contribution to it. I feel that I worked my a** off and I always busy but every time I have to wrote my achievement or contribution for this company I always have problem, I couldn't wrote a things at least I couldn't think of any contribution that is worthwhile for the company, all the things I've done is just business as usual.
From here forward I started question everything and doubt myself: my carreer, my skill and my value. Or maybe people more familiar with the terms "impostor syndrome", at least that what I thought.

The Grasp
And then one day I have this revelation, that the feeling that I have for this company sometimes become my excuse to not have a clear goals and vision and a tangible outcome. I thought that "I already done everything for you, so just accept me, that's all I can give you", and that's not professional at all, I need to change.

The first and the most important things I change is the mindset. To have a tangible goals, plan of execution and a vision is I think a professional way of doing things. Before my approach is I just do everything for you because I love you and I love doing that, which clearly not get us anywhere, at least I think for my role, in my opinion is that I need to make changes or I need to leave a legacy that will have the company grow (even if I'm not there later).
Yeah, so I think now I always prefer to work professionally rather than have emotional attachment to the company but very little contribution.

And yeah, so that is my rant, if you got to this part, thank you so much for your time. I hope you can get something from this. And please share and give your opinion.


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