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Technology changed the way that different generations communicate

It would not be wrong to say that Technology has completely removed the barrier to communication for this generation.

From a time when people can communicate with limited resources and technology to the time when the world has become a global village, technology has changed the way of communication for different generations. With messaging and communication platforms, and smartphones with a lot of features, this generation can communicate easily.

Technology has brought the world closer. Now people prefer to communicate online and have access to smartphones to operate advanced technologies.

Hence, technology has made it easier for people to communicate.

xPal Secure Encrypted Messenger has an amazing feature of reverse PIN security. On installation of the app, it gives you an xPal ID and a PIN.

Image description

You can then explore the xPal Reverse PIN Security feature. It allows you to completely remove your conversations from both ends sender and receiver in seconds.

All you need to do is just enter your security pin in reverse and all your conversations will be wiped out permanently from a single message to complete chats.

And above all, no notification will be sent to the other end.

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