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Embarking on a Coding Odyssey: My MLH Global Hack Week Experience


Participating in the MLH Global Hack Week was nothing short of an exhilarating journey, filled with learning, collaboration, and innovative discoveries. As I reflect on the past week, I am excited to share my experiences, insights, and the valuable lessons I've gained.

My Participation

I had the pleasure of both participating in and watching some incredible projects unfold during the MLH Global Hack Week. The diverse range of challenges and solutions showcased the immense talent within the global hacker community. It was a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the creativity and dedication that participants brought to the virtual table.

Crafting a Portfolio

One of the highlights of this experience was honing my skills in portfolio creation. I discovered the importance of presenting my projects, including a Snake Game that added a touch of fun to the serious business of coding. This has undoubtedly enhanced my portfolio and will serve as a testament to my growth as a developer.

Interview Technique Questions

MLH Global Hack Week also provided a platform for refining interview techniques. Engaging with fellow hackers and mentors allowed me to practice articulating my thoughts clearly and concisely—a crucial skill in any technical interview. I found that discussing my project and problem-solving approaches helped me gain confidence in showcasing my abilities.

Cloud Technologies

The hackathon delved into cloud technologies, presenting opportunities to explore and implement solutions in a cloud-based environment. This exposure not only expanded my skill set but also underscored the significance of cloud computing in modern software development.

Upcoming Events

As the Global Hack Week concludes, my journey with MLH continues. I am eager to participate in upcoming events and further immerse myself in the vibrant community. The commitment to continuous learning and collaboration is what makes MLH events stand out, and I look forward to contributing to future hackathons.

Join the Journey

If you're as passionate about coding and innovation as I am, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. The MLH Global Hack Week might be over, but there are always new opportunities on the horizon. You can still participate and witness the incredible projects by following this link and connecting with @mlhacks!

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Farha kousar

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Major League Hacking (MLH)

Hey Farha! Thank you for sharing your experience at Global Hack Week! We are so glad you enjoyed the event and look forward to having you back at future events. :)

For any readers, here is the link to learn more about Global Hack Week!

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