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Lessons taked while i'm riding my bike

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Usually i try to cover some topic related to programming that I'm studying, but today i'll talk about a habit that i really enjoy: riding a bike, and the benefits that i figure out while i'm enjoying my daily walk.

For me riding a bike it's not just to sit and move my legs, it's a moment that i can reflect about the things that I planned for my day, and some things that i passed on the week, and is also about focus on the way that i'll cycling.

So, let's deep dive on my lessons.

You're are on the control

When you ride a bike, you're in the control, you need to concentrate your mind in the activity, to don't fall, not lost your target, your direction. And in our life it's not different, if you aims to achieve something you need to put your focus and effort in that, and don't allow that the other things blocks you, or distance you from your goal.

One step at time

It's important have a step at time, make baby steps for the things, start of the basics and it goes progressively increasing your rhythmic.

Try to skip the obstacles

When you're riding, sometimes you have obstacles, but if you like your backside(haha), and you want to keep your bike whole, you need to avoid the obstacles, when is possible. In the life, it's not different, you need to develop the ability to ignore some things for make possible a progress in other areas.

You have your time

We humans, have a habit to compare ourselves with the others, and it's difficult to us understand that each person have your rhythmic, your conditions and your history, when i'm riding, i see people driving in different velocities, and i learned that it's ok, many people will pass in front of me.

Make stops

For you don't make tired, you need to have moments of relaxing, when you is in a transit you is obligate to stop sometimes to allows that the cars pass, and this is very cool because you have a time to reenergise yourself.

And that's it, do you have any lesson that you learned with a bike too? Please, share with me! <3

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